Friday, May 25, 2012

Primero dia en Argentina


I am listening to my host family laughing and singing and it is making me a bit homesick. My host mom only speaks Spanish, which is great, but its a little overwhelming.

Now that I've arrived and gotten some proper sleep, I need to venture out and find an ATM and some food, but I feel very weird in someone else's house. I feel like I should creep around like bulgar. I know they do this all the time and everyone has been very friendly, but I've never even had a roommate so living with others is a totally new experience. It feels much safer in my room but I will not get to experience BA like that.

Just a word (ok, vent) about my flight before I go exploring:

I had a pretty uneventful flight, but I don't recommend flying through Dallas if you will have a layover of any length. They have a great selection of food, but you cannot convince me that an airport that busy can't afford free wifi and a outlets scattered about. They have a few "charging stations" with uncomfortable little stools that are packed but not a single outlet in the comfort lounge.


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