Monday, June 11, 2012

Sick today (and other interesting happenings)

Today I stayed home sick from the nasty cold I developed over the weekend. On the flight back to BsAs my ears couldn't pop properly so I couldn't hear out of my left ear unless my head was tilted parallel to the floor. My nose is sore as is my throat. You would think that would make for a boring day in bed, and for the most part you would be correct. My host family has been very sweet, making me tea and checking in on me.

This morning I was awakened by the usual obnoxious howling of the neighborhood dogs, but then I was awoken again by the sound of many, many people walking through the house and talking. Because I was doped up on Benadryll to help me sleep, I ignored it and continued resting. I was occasionally roused by the sound of man shouting "Silencio, por favor!" (Silence please!). My host sister came in and asked if I needed anything since they had guests over.

Hmm, this is all very strange, I thought. What could they be doing? A class? A group therapy session? A gathering of a hippy comune?

Eventually I did wander down because I needed to go get some lunch, but I was stopped by a man on the stairs who pantomimed SHHH and STOP/TIME OUT to me. Apparently silencio had been requested. When I was allowed to go downstairs, I saw there was a film crew in the livingroom. Women in headscarves were sitting on the "set". I walked outside to discover more people with equipment peering through the window. It was all very strange. When I came back, they were upstairs, filming in my house mate's room. Luckily they didn't want to film in my contaminated room. I don't think the trashcan full of tissues would make a great prop. My host mom later told me they were indeed filming a movie in her house today and tomorrow, and were also filming in other parts of BsAs. I didn't understand what the movie title was, but D later told me it will be a movie about an Indian girl moving to BsAs.

Just goes to show there's never a dull day while studying abroad, even when you're home sick!

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